Saturday, May 28, 2011

Building a kiwi drive robot - Arduino + bluetooth

Well I set out to build my first robot a while back. I decided on a Kiwi drive.

An example of a holonomic robot would be one that is equipped with three independently driven Mecanum wheels or omni-wheels, mounted in a triangular configuration. This is generally called a Kiwi Drive. A robot that utilizes Kiwi Drive can simultaneously execute controlled motion through both the X and Y axes, and rotational movement.
From: beam-wiki

For a few weeks now I've been cading out a base for this robot. It will have a 6-8inch diameter.

Here are some of the versions of the bases I went through:

v1 base:

v2 base:

v3 base:

v4 base:

v1 top:

So far this is all I can do. These were made in AutoDesk Inventor, this project will ultimately allow me to learn more about Arudino, C#, motors, h-bridges, and many other things. It will be controlled in the end using my android phone, via a bluetooth module. It will stay as an idea until I can get some money (motors are expensive you know).

The motors I'm looking at right now are:

The motor mounts I'm looking at are these:

I'll keep this blog updated with my progress.
If you want some background here is a link to my progress up to now:
ChiefDelphi Forums


  1. Hey! First of all, Great Project! I really like the idea of an Android-controlled holonomic. However, I'll give you some advice with the part sourcing. You're going to want to source different motors/mounts. On my first robot, I used the same Banebots mounts and likely the same motor you've found, and both were absolute junk. I ended up throwing them into my useless crap box. For a cheaper and more effective alternative, I would try these ones robotshop: Haven't used them yet, but they get good reviews and are probably more than sufficient for a hobby bot. Also, feel free to email me at about the Inventor design. I'm design captain for 1515, and have CADed the entire robot since 2010. Good Luck!

  2. Also, not sure how you were going to get the part made, but try Awesome company. I'm sure you'll find you'll use them all the time.

  3. Mathew- Thank you for all your help! I don't know ANYTHING about motors, so I just took it soon as I saw it. I will take into consideration the motors you suggested.

    As for cadding I've had alot of trouble with assembles and I gave up on cadding the entire thing, bases are just so much easier. I will def be in contact with you. I can never get parts to not go into each other and stay inline.

    As for the parts I am going to see if I can get some time with our CNC mill since I do most of the milling for our competitions. Before school is over that is.

    But if time does run out I will use the ponoko site. Thanks so much!
    Ps- do you have a skype?