Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Robotics Story

I'm a student/Vice President on the J.J Pearce Robotics Team. I currently attend J.J Pearce High School, going into my Junior year. I try to challenge myself, but most of the time my ideas stay just as ideas. Most of my effort through out life was to build something out of ANYTHING.
Since I was very small I've been inspired to do something robotics related. Anytime you saw me during the summer I was looking for something to take apart or build. I never had something to guide me and show me some ways of doing what I wanted to do. Then I found out about my high school after school robotics team. I decided to attend the first meeting for the year despite being skeptical about getting to work hands on any type of robot. To my surprise I quickly become very interested about robotics and very involved in my team. Meeting 3-4 times a week for several hours just to meet a deadline. Building a robot, getting a notebook done, programming, and many other things all in one six weeks. I quickly started to do my own research about robotics in general, I actively started to read HackADay everyday and other sites like it, becoming more and more intrigued.
My fascination about arduino was amplified on a Saturday night at 2am, seeing as I couldn't sleep. I finally became curious enough to find out what an arduino was. I quickly went out and ordered a arduino uno + a kit and started hacking away. My first experiment/project was a blinking set of leds. My addiction grow like an nicotine addiction would, at least I'd imagine LOL. I had a few other projects such as learning how to power a DC motor using a transistor. Finally I settled on a bigger project; The KiwiBot.
A kiwi drive consists of 3 omniwheels all directly driven by motors, mounted in a triangular configuration. The advantage to this design is the movement freedom of the bot. I'm currently still designing it in AutoDesk Inventor. So watch this blog for upcoming updates about this robot.
I'm just mainly interested in robotics. When I get to college/university I'd like to duel major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. All this thanks to BEST ROBOTICS, FIRST FRC robotics , and of course to my robotics team the P-51 Mustangs and the volunteer mentors on my team, which receive no benefits for all the hardwork, sleepless nights, and countless man hours they dedicate.. Besides getting the satisfaction of knowing the kids that join have the experience that a normal high school student would never have. I love robotics.

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